Monday, March 14, 2011

Outing #1 march hols

The Adjustment Bureau was a good movie, good movie. It was a somewhat twisted, love story. It could've been totally perceived as being ridiculous, on the other hand, quite smart. Funny in some parts. HAT HAT.

Best part of the day:

After the movie, Esther goes to a door and went "hey guys, guys" suspiciously. [NEVERMIND INSIDE JOKE MUCH OKAY]

I love tropicana city mall and all, but after walking five minutes around the mall you keep coming back to the same place. Which kinda makes sense since I said around. Gosh sabreena what is up with you tonight -____-

We wanted to yum cha at Murni's but it is Monday, and it is closed on monday nights. So we headed to Starbucks instead. It was superbly serene upstairs because it was so comfortable and nobody was there. We conquered the whole area and talked like I swear, it was a forum. It was a whole gossip+intellectual convo all wrapped into one haha.

I love and miss you guys :'(

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