Saturday, March 12, 2011

Kem Raudhah

STARTING THE NOTE OFF, my batch name is Clarions.

* I totally wanted to put an image portraying something somewhat clarion-like, but when I google image-d it all the came out were pictures of speakers, which is totally understandable since clarion means LOUD and OUTSPOKEN.


on the 3rd to 5th of April, Clarions attended a motivational camp in Gombak. Things I felt weird about:

-leaving for camp not from home.

-returning from camp not to home

-going to a camp a half an hour drive away

Where is the long bus ride people? Oh well. The dorexx-ians entertained us throughout the journey, taking song requests from everyone. When we arrived there we had to go down this steep staircase. And for our dorms, wow. Seriously everyone wanted to get back to SESERI so badly (yea that's how bad it was :P) It was totally made out of wood. The beds looked like it had not been slept on for decades. The toilet was UNIMAGINABLE. Everyone was all " we're all bathing together!"

Wanna know the worst part?




It jumped off the freaking pillow on the bed -____- Not good for ranidophobes yo.

I thought the food was okay, sure the rice was uncooked and all. I got a bit annoyed by people who complained about the food because, okay I am not trying to be a saint and all but seriously, the food wasn't SO bad. At least we have food.

Pushing those things aside, the camp was actually fun :) Yeah I have to admit, it was a HUGE dread at first but as time passed by the whole point of us being there surfaced and we embraced it like the clarions we are :) (okay that didnt make sense).

Nightwalk was kind of annoying. I hate night owl activities (refer to my old blog, prefect's camp post 2008). I just KNEW they were going to have one. I was praying super hard for them not to leave us in the jungle alone. We were all walking+jogging+power walking in god knows where. Due to Encik Hadip's kind reminder to the facilitators to take it easy on us girls, they let us off easy with us finding our way back to the campsite, 5 by 5. When my group and I were walking back, I don't know whether we were walking too slow or something but the group after us caught up with us and it ended up being the ten of us walking back together. During our walk back, there was this huge bundle off the road, making weird noises and movements. At the same time we were caught off guard by the bundle, a boar dashes across the street. DASHED, not ran. Supah-cool in a way.

Of course, the bundle was a facilitator.

I think everyone agrees that jungle trekking was the most fun part of the camp. We crossed the river, walked in a tunnel, lifted our hands up when we walked to avoid thorns, only having our clothes get caught up in the thorns, and walked back in the rain <3>

I think the camp was something we really needed. Abang Jo, the main facilitator stressed on how much we had to stop getting into cliques and stuff. I think the teamwork we need the most in is in class, because your classmates will always be the ones with you throughout these 2 major years of our secondary school life.

At one point during the jungle trekking, I felt really awkward. I mean, it was always camp with DJ-ians. It was the first time camping with the students from my new school. Then the whole 'gosh sabreena you're in SESERI now!' thing kicked in hohoho :D

But best moments, jungle trekking, crossing the rivers, the walk/run under the tunnel, everyone playing around in the river and WASHING YOUR OWN DISHES :)

Moment that spoiled the serenity of the jungle: Seeing a busy highway when we looked up -___- That's what you get for camping in KL.

Gosh I never realized how much I missed going for camps. Jungle trekking and stuff, sighs. White water rafting, anyone?


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