Tuesday, February 16, 2010

of late

SOOOOOO. It has been an eternity eh? Im just so lazy to update, but im having the urge to lately. So Imma post on birthdays :D


Mama! What can I say about HER. I really dont think i can find another mom quite like her, really. SERIOUSLY. She on-s a song and dances like nobody's business and more things so embarassing I cant even say. She has filled the gap of a sister I have never had. I love that I can still sleep with my mom ( hey it helps after you watch a really scary movie alright). Celebrated her bday at The Ship, KL.

I tried rotating it. damnz. Sorry, low quality phone camera. I dont know where the camera was.

17th JANUARY 2010

After all the blood, sweat and tears we put on planning your party, it finally happened :O We celebrated her 16th on the 16th of January (well 17th was a Sunday, and we cant party all night long if monday was coming). We reached redbox in the Curve a bit later than everyone else did hmm. Food was so awesome.Had fun screaming into the mics while Sam keeps reminding me not to shout since I had a sore throat :( Room deco=fail win? yeah imma call it that HAHA. And I couldnt sleepover that night due to me having fever so I took a nap anyway before going home when we got back to her house, and she DELIBERATELY did not wake me up. figures hahahha. Im glad I did anyway kay. and the karaoke room was the bomb okay. I did not expect it at all. They had a lounge and a personal toilet. HUGE somemore. NICE.


Thanks for being the awesome-est friend. You're my best best best friend, you know that? I love that we have so much in common. I love that the stuff we dont have in common, we back it up by complementing each other (like ya know, strumming and plucking). I love that we have childish fights. I love that when we see something that triggers memories, we just have to look at each other and we already know what is on the other's mind. I love that I can call you and talk about nothing (its getting harder to get you on the phone nowadays btw, stop putting your phone on silent when u sleep!). I love how when I have nothing to do I can text you to save my day. I love how you're, well, my friend.

I know I am not the perfect friend and that I am so utterly unbearable sometimes. forgive me can?(i was so wrong forgeeeeve mehhhh) [inside joke] Tell me when I am being an ass okay :) You are gorgeous and don't let your low self esteem brain tell you otherwise. I love your skin complexion and your goddamn sexy lean legs when you wear heels okay (only iman and I have seen HAHA). eee i sound lesbian-ish now. shut up she's my bff.

I KNOW we're gonna stay friends till we grow old and then we can knit sweaters for our grandchildren while watching GD and TOP play golf together. Yes, we're gonna marry them.

27th JANUARY 2010
Azmira Fekry's Birthday

26th January 2010

this picture was a few years ago, mind you.


1st FEBRUARY 2010

Thanks for being awesome Manda, I love you. I have said everything in the text I sent. Thanks for always being there for me after SO LONGGG. Esther cant find the picture we took at your partay :( So imma upload it next time :D i sayang you manyak manyak! Nice party, hope you had an absolute awesome time and it was how you wanted to spend your 16th kay? :)