Wednesday, December 23, 2009

PMR results

Full As.



(yeah like an academy awards speech)

I would like, oh wait no LOVE to thank well parents (duh). For pushing me :)

I would love to thank god, for I know he played a big part in this :)

I would love to thank Esther Tan, for ALWAYS freaking believing in me. For lifting up my self esteem all ze time. Love love love :)

I would love to thank Iman Najwa, for ALWAYS helping me in all things possible. ALWAYS being there. Love love love

I would love to thank Erica Chan, for being THE BEST person to sit next to. For being an absolute awesome supporter in class. A friend that I would never wish for harm, and would always wish to stay as one. Love you erica :) I shall bestow upon you my gratitude (inside joke).

I would love to thank Sandra Chong, Alicea Chia, Samantha Cheh, Siew Ho, Joshua for being my absolute best friends ever and making this year muy special :D


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Brittany Murphy


I am still in shock.

You know, the ramen girl? Uptown girls?

At 8 a.m. on December 20, 2009, the Los Angeles Fire Department responded to "a medical request"[15] at the West Hollywood home Murphy and Monjack shared. She had apparently collapsed in a bathroom.[2] Firefighters attempted to resuscitate Murphy on the scene and she was subsequently transported to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead at 10:04 a.m. after going into cardiac arrest.


What IS with the year 2009?

Kevin Jonas

18th Dec 09

"And they're married!

Kevin Jonas and longtime girlfriend Danielle Deleasa were wed in a private ceremony at Oheka Castle in Long Island on Saturday night!

"We're so happy that we're finally married and we were able to share the special moment with family, friends and loved ones," the happy couple has told reporters.

Deleasa walked down the aisle in a "strapless tulle and Chantilly lace Vera Wang gown," and Jonas reportedly could not keep a smile off his face as his bride made her way to the alter.

So, so cute!

Kevin and Danielle recited traditional wedding vows with Joe and Nick standing beside their brother as his best men.

The wedding was originally threatened by the winter weather taking the East Coast by storm, but guests, including Demi Lovato enjoyed the wedding and reception from under heated tents dressed up to look like a "winter wonderland."

Purity ring off ;D

Friday, December 18, 2009

41st Interact Conference

Venue : Inti College Nilai

10th dec 09

While most of you fine people were getting ready for the big 007 event, I on the other hand was on my way to Nilai for an Interact Conference. Interactors from all over Malaysia gathered in one place for the camp! Interactors from our school that attended were ME (L,duh), Iman, Shirlie, Siew Sanz, Ai Ling, Adrian and Tze Han. Our room was okay, better than what I expected (they asked us to bring our own blanket and pillow, so I assumed we were supposed to sleep on the floor). We stayed in the student's dorm of course. My god, the distance from the multi purpose hall to our dorm was insane. We had to walk for like 7 mins before reaching either way. AND, the girls rooms were on the 4th, the topmost floor. I never really understood the term 'thighs burning', but I did THEN.

Anyway, first activity, ice breaking session. TOTAL FAILURE (ahah sandra). No la it wasnt a total failure. I said that cause well it was blazing hot and for the first station, we had to use whatever we're wearing to make the longest line. Team versus team of course. So yes most of us took off our shoes AND socks, handphones, shoeLACES, bags, tags, and guys DID take their shirts off. Second station, our team was so lost. It was "pass-the-message" kinda game ya know, so er no elaborations cause really, I am not sure what happened. Last station, the chair game. Each team got 5 chairs and we had to use them to get to the other side without having physical contact with the ground. Apparently, the moral was to gather all team's chairs to make one straight line. YUP.

Tea break.

Then uhhh, speech? I tell you, the speakers for this camp really rule. Mr Gerrard Lazarus was so freaking funny and cool okay! Ah, schools should hire the speakers from this camp. And Datin Paduka Sharifah Mazline, the first asian woman to have travelled the north pole and the south pole showed us pictures and shared her experience. Wow man, her determination is really something to be admired.

SLEEP. Well not really, talk talk, then sleep. I had to hug something ( I didnt have an extra pillow to hug) so I hugged iman, but she was being really uncomfortable that night. So I hugged the bed railing, ow back pain the next day.

11th Dec 09

We had to wear our Interact uniform for todayyy. I really did not see the point of it, but blahh. I like out interact uniform haha. Then at night, was formal night which seriously memang nobody saw the point of! We were like freaking out about what to wear and everything. I pictured round tables with chairs around but NO, they arranged the chairs like how chairs are usually arranged in halls (line by line). So really, what is formal night?! And we had to cut it short cause there was yet another speech. The beatbox performance was awesome I must say.

Tonight, all five of us girls ended up in our bedroom. Siew and Shirlie on one bed, Ai Ling, Iman and I on one bed. Siew told us ghost stories before we went to sleep, so when our room door was shaking I quicly woke Iman up and she freaking ignored me for a few seconds saying 'its just a wind its just the wind'. I WAS FREAKING SCARED OKAY. Ai Ling couldnt take the lack of space so she moved back to her room at 4

12th Dec o9

What happened today? Oh yea treasure hunt I think. Andddd, oh oh! Talentine happened. Each group was supposed to perform and we were only informed abous this when we started the conference so the time to practice was very limited. I did not participate, cause well what can I do haha. but my group did win (yay). Siew Sanz's group got third (yay). It was a really fun event actually! Screaming here and there. The very obscene performances! One group performed a skit on how our generation keeps questioning things and go "why?" "why?" "why?", and after they showed the scene, everytime the narrator says something the audience will go "why? why? why?" like the little pests we are :)This was probably the best night of the camp? cause us DJ girls were quite slow in making friends in the camp but at the last night we made tons :D Everyone was up and we were given a lot of time to stay awake, cause they know we wanna have funnnn. So we took pictures, then more people joined and more and more. When we thought of walking back to out rooms, we ended up talking to more people and more pictures and you get the picture. Er, we played 'my mother went to the market'. Cool huh :D

I shall not teach her anymore german!
She went to the german exchange student Lucca, and went Gu ten mor gen? And then, gu ten naght. Embarassing laaaaaaaaa. But you took pictures with him grr.

For tonight, we combined our beds and arranged ourselves properly to bed :) Gossiped first of course heehee.

13th Dec 09

We woke up quite late I guess? Slept so well.

Last day (awwww cue). Talked and talked with our newfound friends, lunch, waited for my dad. CIAO CIAO.

Man im so lazy to blog.

Pictures? here here.

I was contemplating over coke or this drink, and I chose this cause well I dont think I would get to see it again back in selangor. Wow but when I came back and wanted o buy a drink, this was the first thing I saw. Gawd.

Adrian and Kiaos!

'sup :D

oh oh! at the ending of the camp, we had a panel discussion where students can share their thoughts. Siew gave a totally cool remark, everybody was so freaking impressed. Even the rotarians were amazed :D

You see, Iman was one of the winners for the lucky draw, but she was not in the hall during the prize giving so we reenacted the prize giving to iman in our room heeee.

well, Tze Han made some really great 'friends'. Hi Boon Sheng.


Currypuff boy and Ai Ling :)

yea yea iman gu ten taght.

Kiaos and Hou Zhen.

HELLO HOU ZHEN. YOU SEE PEOPLE, Hou Zhen can play the piano, saxophone AND the guitar, wait DIPLOMA in piano. Cool huh :D Anyone wants his number ;) Good flirt one ya knowww ;D


we've so many things lined up for next year. FUN things like seriously.
join join join join join

Sunday, December 13, 2009

New Chapter


A new year is coming, a new beginning ( I certainly hope so )

Praying that I would not be too lazy to update this blog.

As for my blog link, it is just how I am.

As for why I changed my blog, I guess you'll just never know.